Cisco Entrepreneur Institute (VACID Africa Institue)


Gain new business training content and technology tools, new customers, and new revenue opportunities

The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute works with institutions that want to grow their businesses using innovation in ICTs. Institutions partner with Cisco to reduce their turn-around time in decision making, effect collaborative meetings, and to create entrepreneurs out of their workforce. Cisco Entrepreneur Institute is recruiting universities, colleges, schools, companies, and organizations around the world that are interested in delivering eKnowedge in entrepreneurship education and technology support. Cisco Entrepreneur Institutes uses Internet technologies to provide guidance, deliver e-Resources, and training to entrepreneurs, to communities where you are and around the world.
Benefits include:

• Play a leading role in a global initiative to help your workforce, your community, and students harness the power of entrepreneurship for economic and social prosperity.

• Gain access to the Cisco Entrepreneurs Institute powerful set of online workshops, training, and collaboration tools. Leverage Cisco's multi-million dollar investment in knowledge support technologies to advance your mission and your clients' success.
• Offer your staff and clients the latest technical and business skills training. Gain new customers and revenue opportunities by enhancing your services using Cisco Entrepreneur Institute resources.
• Develop your skills with Web 2.0 technologies and online training tools. Receive Cisco training and use these tools to train your staff and clients.
• Be first to preview and adopt the Cisco Entrepreneurs Institute's newest offerings and approaches with a customised local focus through VACID Africa.
• Differentiate your organization from the competition. Serve as a Center of Excellence for entrepreneurial service delivery and in staff and client training, and for the use of leading-edge tools and technologies.
• Benefit from the joint VACID Africa and Cisco marketing and promotional efforts within Africa.
• Learn how to improve your eligibility for government funding, development partner support, and private sponsorships.
• Learn how you can use the power of community telecentres to create sustainable Bottom of Pyramid initiatives in your company and promote agribusiness supported rural development
• Let your clients and your strategic business units gain access to marketing plans and professionally-designed, ready-to-use sales and marketing tools.
• Gain attention and credibility by building on your relationship with a leading global technology
company with contextualized local support from e-specialists

Kindly Get in touch with us to register your institution or enroll: Click Here

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  • Classes are Done Online using Virtual Classes:

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