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VACID Africa - Zimbabwe is a non governmental organization established in 2009 under the auspicious of VACID Africa - Kenya.

VACID Africa - Zimbabwe is emerging from a background of economic recovery plans, high unemployment rate and unutilized resources.

Zimbabwe possesses natural resources that can develop the under privileged communities if we work together as a nation with the assistance of other African states.

Our nation in the past failed to witness the ability to research and develop the full optimization of natural resources as an income generating programme to benefit the under privileged communities. This failure has resulted in cultivating negative behaviour in conservation of natural resources of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.

Value addition encompasses defined processes that will contribute to the utilization of natural resources such as indigenous fruits to produce marketable products with added value.

Zimbabwe currently is tying up all efforts to re-build its economy and it is ideal time to incorporate agro-processing sector emerging from the ends of the economy. This will assist this sector to grow in the new economy hence creating an economy that recognises value for developing cottage businesses.

VACID Africa - Zimbabwe continuously improves its capacity development initiative vehicle so as to tackle the dynamics of operating in an environment of supporting sustainable development efforts of communities. This achieves effective segregation and management of value chain activities using our developed Management technique called Organizational Systems Reflex; this will assist communities to establish organizations that respond to the needs of the market effectively.

VACID Africa - Zimbabwe, works on a Community nucleus model for opportunities identification and development, we partner with Universities and colleges to develop identified potential projects. This will assist universities develop students with entrepreneurship basis, hence adding value to all sectors.

Our Vision

To ensure optimisation of agricultural resources by developing community focus in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.

Our Mission

To promote community co-ordination in resources optimization by developing knowledge base, ICTs, resources mobilization and production of marketable and value added products through sustainable cottage industry development.

Our Objectives

v Ensuring full optimization of agricultural resources, promoting processing of resources into value added and marketable agro products, so as to improve health standard of Zimbabwe and Africa as whole.

v Communities' co-ordination through value addition chain and employment creation.

v To develop cottage industries in communities.

v Establishment of community based Business Resource Centres and ICTs Centre in communities.

v Train community based Value Addition Trainers.

v Co-ordination of available financial resources, community investors and strategic partners.

v To equip college graduates with entrepreneurship skills, by incorporating college in community programmes.

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