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The Kenya Business Development Network (KBDN) is a development initiative by Kenyan Professionals, Researchers, Academicians, and Entrepreneurs who see the benefit of working with policy institutions. The network seeks to promote the linkage of actors in the continuum of production to market of whatever local produce Kenyans are able to create and present to the marketplace.

Text Box:   Figure 1: Kenya Business Development Network ModelThe network seeks to promote the benefits of collective action that has been nurtured through the spirit of togetherness so much echoed in the national clarion call of Harambee. The network seeks to provide grassroots producer networks with advisory services to nurture the productive activities to form cottage industry networks which will churn products to the market.

The network will work with, and through, the government wherever and whenever possible to nurture networks that support common interest networks like those supporting Women Enterprises, Youth Enterprises, Value Addition Enterprises and Service Related Enterprises, which will provide markets to financial networks and other business support networks.

Founding Partners

This initiative is part of the incubation effort of WillPower Incubation and Research which has worked with the Kenya Government through the Ministry of Industrialization and UNIDO to create Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development in Africa (VACID Africa) in 2006.

Since its formation, VACID Africa has established partnerships with policy institutions, strengthened value addition groups in the country with the Support of Kenya Agricultural Productivity Project (KAPP), in line with what was started in the WillPower-UNIDO-GoK Project of 2005-2006. As an independent NGO serving Africa, VACID Africa provides capacity support to research initiatives of CIAT-TSBF, KAPP, KARI and partners with the private sector and government to support collective action at the grassroots level. VACID Africa has established a presence in the South Sudan where it is partnering with Sudan Women Action Networks (SWAN).

Partner Roles in the Kenya Business Development Network

Kenyans and Kenyan institutions are invited to become network members, with a view to helping identify grassroots initiatives in rural areas that can be supported through KBDN through the network of VACID Africa service providers. Whether urban, peri-urban or rural, all youth, women, or enterprise initiatives can present their needs to this ‘all Kenyan local network' that will engage localized service providers who understand the local service delivery paradigms. We are particularly keen in encouraging individual initiatives that will help absorb government policies and make them understood and available to the grassroots communities. It is for this reason that the network will work very closely with the productive service ministries of the government. You are encouraged to discuss the network with your development partners whether you are a small or large network of individuals or institutions. We are convinced that providing a point of unification for the academia, research, policy institutions and the private sector will create a new dimension in the development of Kenya and Africa. You are called to become a key player in this worthy effort.

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