Programme for Agricultural Capacity Development in Africa (P4ACAD Africa)


A Food Systems Focus to Sustainable Development

Our Vision

An food secure Africa, able to trade with itself and the rest of the world, driven by Farmer Owned, Youth Driven Agribusinesses

Our Mission

To support farmers create innovation agribusinesses that host the Agriculture, Technology and Extension (aTex) Hubs that are driven by engaging our model of extension through Student Led Agricultural Extension (SLAE)

Our Core Values

Innovation, Perseverance, Diligence, Integrity, Accountability, Discipline

Business Scope

The food system documented in Figure 1 to the right presents the value chain and the agribusiness activities associated with each value chain layer.

Experiential learning is used to support some of the activities in the food chain. Some are investment opportunities such as storage, which normally misses in the food system investment thinking. ICT4Ag drives knowledge capture and dissemination is another. Each application is uniquely different for each value chain layer where it is implemented.

The scope We shall intervene at

i) pre-production and production,

ii) processing,

iii) Distribution and Logistics,

iv) Consumer integration, and

v) Food loss and

vi) Waste Management.


Figure 1 : TheFood System is the driver of the aTex Hub

Since the P4ACAD and its implementation through the aTex Hubs is an agribusiness initiative, any activity that appears in other value chain layers, or subsystems within the Food System, is integrated and supported as a food system activity thereby creating centralization of actions, with an ICT4Ag Inspired implementation. It is the strategic centralization focus that is needed in the agricultural space, yet no other initiative takes lead. We do!


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Programme for Agricultural Capacity Development in Africa (P4ACAD

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