C4D: Why. How. Now. 27 October to 30 November, 2013


C4D: Why. How. Now. 27 October to 30 November, 2013

Take our 5-week online training & mentoring course for an introduction to the principles and practice of communication for development (C4D). Learn to differentiate between top-down and bottom-up approaches of communication and identify the benefits of participatory communication for development programmes.

Participants will self-assess their organisational readiness to develop a C4D programme and create a checklist of do’s and don’ts for successful a C4D initiative. Before the end of the 5-week course, participants will make an introductory presentation on C4D to their sponsoring organisation and propose the key elements of a new participatory communication programme to be developed in follow-up courses as part of the CLP Developer's Certificate.

· Register (space is limited, registration closes on Saturday October 5)

· Course webpage

· CLP Developer’s Certificate webpages

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