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  • Promoting Formation of Dairy Cooperatives in Othaya - Muirungi


VACID Africa realizes that individual smallholder farmers cannot embrace technology for there are organizational and financial concerns to address.To enable communities to procure technologies and negotiate better returns from the marketplace VACID promotes the creation of cooperatives. This is critical in Othaya where most of the farmers, particularly those far off from the town face milk marketing constraints. VACID Africa presented the cooperative model to the smallholder dairy farmers in Muirungi who undertook to register their own dairy cooperative. VACID supported the community by helping draft and present the By-Laws to the cooperative officer in Othaya.

  • Promoting the use of Electronic Weighing Scales in Kikama Dairy

bannerVACID Africa launched the introduction of electronic weighing scale in Kangema at the Agricultural Sector Stakeholders show in Kangema.The organization was part of a stakeholder gathering that was addressed by the DC of Murang’a West to address the dwindling agricultural production. The show demonstrated what various groups have been doing and received information from a number of stakeholders who included VACID Africa, Ideal Matunda, Equity, Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock Development among others. The Kikama Federation promised to promote dairy production in the Kiharu, Kangema and Mathioya regions. VACID Africa pledged an award to the highest milk producer on the basis of the electronically weighed scale.

  • The Launch of the Artificial Insemination programme in Kihuro Dairy


Breed improvement is a necessary initiative for increased milk yield by dairy animals. VACID Africa appreciates the constraints faced by smallholder rural farmers who have to use live bulls to fertilize their cows. The cost of managing Artificial Insemination is a big challenge to the farmers and so any support to supply Nitrogen cans is a welcome option. VACID Africa presented an AI Can to Kihuro Dairy Farmers’ Group and invited the Managing Director of the Central Artificial Insemination Station (CAIS) Dr. H.K. Wamukuru to present the same to the group. The group was sensitized on the need for breed improvement so that the yield of milk in the region is enhanced.

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