KnowEat Hub an Initiative Developed by VACID Africa


What is KnowEat Hub?
The KnowEat Hub has been developed to support the aggregation of smallholder produce such as livestock for linkage with other value chain actors in the marketplace. The logical model consists of four critical pillars:

1. The Community Eateries Pillar
2. The Produce Storage Pillar
3. The ICT for Development (ICT4D/ICT4Ag Pillar, and
4. The Agribusiness Support Pillar.

How we work with the model:

We works from the strategic goal of increasing access, availability, and utilization of agricultural resources through a regionally integrated model of community enterprises. The organization focuses on activities that present improved technologies, knowledge, and all-encompassing value chain linked inputs in agriculture and nutrition.

Our Approach

Our business model is based on our consistent pursuit to understand the consumer who defines the market dynamic of demand from which we then define how the value chain activities will link up with the interest of the smallholder producer. With the smallholder producer lacking in knowledge at the pre-production, production, logistics, processing and trade and consumer level, and given our market assessment that financial resources are generated better at this level, we have developed a model of ensuring that communities become actors across the value chain layers.


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