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Brief description of the Plant

Mukau botanical name Melia volkensii: is deciduous, open crowned and laxly branched. Mature trees range between 6 and 20 m tall. Trees with 25 cm diameter are common. The bark is grey, fairly smooth, furrowing with age. Leaves are a light, bright green, bipinnate with (sub)opposite leaflets, 3-7 per pinna, up to 35 cm long, and are densely hairy when young. The leaflets are oval to lanceolate, tapering to the apex. The margins are entire or serrated, becoming almost glabrous when mature. Dimensions range between 4 and 7.5 cm long. Flowers are small, white and fragrant, in loose sprays. Male and female flowers are on the same tree (andromonoecious). Inflorescence is congested, up to 12 cm long, axillary and on older branchlets. Petals are tetra- to pentamerous, white, free and may curl backwards; stamens are the same number as the petals, sometimes twice as many, and united into a tube. The fruit is drupe-like and oval; colour changes from green to pale grey as the fruit matures. Fruit size is normally 4 cm long with a very thick, bony endocarp. Because of the divided leaves, the generic name is derived from the Greek melia (the ash).

VACID Africa participation in Kibwezi:

Helped in formation of a Cooperative Group that had farmers grouping themselves as either:

  • Seedlings Group production
  • Medicinal Aspects group production
  • Seed growers
  • Tree planting group
  • Timber Group

Our Achievements

1) Through the partnership of our Sister Company Willpower Enterprise Development which was responsible for community mobilization VACID Africa took over the role of value addition training and market linkage as well as the set up of the production and demonstration centre. At the moment we are proud to say that the region has a fully registered Cooperative for the farmers: The image Below show the facilitators for the project and selected farmers as the officials of the cooperative formed.

2) VACID Africa facilitated the GIS marking of the farmers through its other mapping organization IMAP africa and to know the official work click here

[url=index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=197:mukau&catid=46:projects&Itemid=202#discuss-197]Read full article[/url]
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