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Progress Report

The maturity of research initiatives into sustainable community enterprises has been challenge to many research initiatives. CIAT-TSBF places enormous important to the utilization of research outcomes which is the reason the institute has been steadfast in the development of processing and utilization efforts. The agreement between CIAT-TSBF and VACID Africa in the formulation of business development and digital technology exploitation in the Nakaseke HARRT HIV Project in Luwero, Uganda and the Soybean Programme in Kenya was intended to address this critical focus.

The objective of this initiative was to:

  • Ensure added value in the Nakaseke HARRT HIV Project in Nakaseke in Luwero, Uganda, and the Soybean Programme in Kenya
  • Giving guidance on digital technologies and the value chain initiatives that promote sustainability in the processing and research utilization initiatives, and
  • Assistance to the programme in the adoption of technology and business development initiatives as may be feasible.

The foregoing was to be achieved through:

  • Training in business development in value chain activities
  • Training in enterprise development and marketing within the legume trade
  • Setting up telecentre in Uganda and Kenya

Activities in Kenya were hampered by the political events that afflicted the country so that only the desk related activities related to the planned activities could take place.

Two visits were made to Nakaseke in Uganda where the following activities took place:

  • Participatory assessment of potential enterprises that can be carried out at the locality subject to availability of funds: The establishment of the telecentre was mooted as well as rearing of poultry
  • Identification of business model to be used by the community to engage in business through the land provided by the Teacher Training Centre
  • Participation on operational planning for the project implementation
  • Isolation of soybean processing as an approach to providing the missing nutrition to people infected with HIV and AIDS

Preliminary Results

  • The implementation of the telecentre was prioritized lower than the poultry and farm related activities. The poultry project has been implemented but not the ICT project. The potential for income generation is however good since power supply is a constraint in the college
  • Operational management was carried out in-house concurrently with the Soybean processing training that was conducted by CIAT-TSBF staff

Business faceCIAT-TSBF (Soyabeans Project)

As a testimony of the work done well

From: Chianu, Jonas (CIAT-Nairobi TSBF)

Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:11 PM
To: Removed for confidentiality

Subject:Very good news

Dear colleagues:

I just received a phone call from Mr. Duncan Masime, one of the leaders and service providers of one of the Soybean Farmers Groups [Ogango Soybeans Group in Kakumasia Zone of Migori District] that we have been working with that successfully wrote a funded proposal has just purchased a Soybean Processing Machine (VitaGoat).

Mr. Masime is the KAPP OGANGO SOYABEANS PROCESSING AND MARKETING DISTRICT HOMA BAY COMMUNITY KABUOCH AND KAKMASIA service provider who helped in writing the proposal for funding. Mr. Masime was trained in value addition and cottage industry development by VACID-AFRICA of Mr. Kiringai Kamau, one of our TL II Objective 7 (Soybean Commodity) sub-grantees in Kenya.

This is really encouraging because it is a clear demonstration of sustainable impact and a key impact pathway. Let us continue the excellent work for posterity.

The installation of the system is planned in the next one week.

Best regards,

Jonas Nwankwo Chianu (PhD)

Senior Scientist and Agricultural Economist

CIAT-TSBF, c/o World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), UN Avenue, Gigiri

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