Knowledge Management
VACID Africa Promotes the use of information resources which when synthesized create knowledge. Capturing these information resources is what drives the activities that VACID Africa engages the communities using various approaches.

ICT4D and ICT4Ag
VACID Africa welcomes individuals and organizations that would like to adopt ICT4D and ICT4Ag in their activities.
We promote efforts and activities of individuals and communities to access Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance their livelihoods by opening new opportunities.

Value Chains

VACID Africa undertakes its development work from a value chains perspective. We work with communities to help identify the potential sequence of related business activities (functions) starting from .....

Value Addition
We support communities to create value addition so that the wealth from their work can generate resources that they can manage at their level and using our community enterprise perspective, we support communities create money from which they can pay for the services they receive from service providers, ourselves included.

Community Enterprise Dev.

VACID Africa supports the creation of enterprises mainly by communities and hence supports Community Enterprise Development. When a community forms that they can create a business around what they do, then they form a community enterprise.

Capacity Building
VACID Africa supports activities that support the acquisition, incentive creation, technology integration, and/or training in various streams of working to increase in knowledge to enhance productivity or management ability, or promote the acquisition of new skills or other capabilities by an individual or organization, which we refer to as capacity building.


For Agriculture to support economic transformation in Kenya, the government has created a business-promoting environment that offers incentives for agripreneurs to lead the growth actions.

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Capacity Building

EducationEducationGovernments in Africa have adopted a proactive policy towards widening...


Banana Value Chain Enterprises In Taita Taveta: This is an association...


We support communities to create value addition so that the...
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