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VACID Agro-Food Hub Model

VACID has established model farms to promote high valued animals, fruits, vegetables and herbs in Kenya.

  1. Nyeri North, Kieni East, Thegu location, Thungari sub location. This is a semi-arid area that targets youth especially those living in Solio IDP settlement scheme, who are in dire need of economic empowerment.
  2. Nyeri South, Municipality, Mukaro Location, Kinunga sublocation. This is a high potential area that taps youth in urban and peri-urban areas in Mt Kenya region.
  3. Muranga County, Maragwa Constituency, Makuyu Ward – This is an area with high levels of unemployment among the young people. The hub is focusing on empowering youth in agro-entrepreneurship through art and craft and designs. Through one of VACID staff, Ann Wairimu, she is passionate about art and craft through bead work, wood work, metal work and leather work. Being in charge of this Hub she equips gifted and talented personnel with a curriculum which empowers them to earn a living from their uniqueness

The youth are allowed to bring with them innovative ideas, ready uptake of technological know-how and a willingness to take risks. This helps them to counter their negative attitude towards agriculture. VACID targets the youth who are willing and able to become agro-entrepreneurs and be role models in the communities.

VACID aims at building collaboration with other organizations that can enhance digitalization and financial solutions to the young agro-entrepreneurs.

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