RAVAAK Call for Partnership in your country - Food Trade ESA Call for Application


CSV or Creating Shared Value is the next big thing after Porter's Value Chain Model. But like the value chain, the full benefit comes too much later after books and analyses have been made and books written. At VACID Africa, we lead in helping shape adoption of what makes sense through organizational models.

CSV involves value creation so that businesses simultaneously generate more profit and greater social impact at the same time. The expected outcome is a powerful and transformational creation of opportunities for growth and innovation in both business and society.

The RAVAAK model which we have shared broadly on this site seeks to help organizations and societies create a CSV organization. An opportunity has created itself in this AECF Food Trade ESA Call for Application which in our view presents the best opportunity for all of us who value the focus of VACID Africa to create African models of CSV.

We believe that the opportunity for connecting societal and economic progress are what this call seeks to realize and the best vehicle to achieving the same is our technology empowered community agribusiness knowledge centres of the RAVAAK.

Kindly drop a note to express interest to incorporate your organization in the list that we need to include to express a shared interest in expressing our desire to take on the implementation of this call in as many places in the eligible countries of East and Southern Africa

We need your partnership as we believe together we stand...to achieve development

Kiringai Kamau
Founder, Value chain Analyst and Knowledge Specialist
VACID Africa, Nairobi-Kenya
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