Why ICT 4 Development


Why ICT 4 Development

  • To help exploit the market opportunities governments have made the ICT sector to be a priority sector for the countries economic development plans and visions. Sectoral focus on communications, software, and IT sectors as the top three create reason for our engagement in the incubation of ICT driven incubators at the telecentre level.

We shall continue supporting the creation of Business Process Outsourcing centres at the telecentres where we engage with communities using our collaborative infrastructure from the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute and the Curriculum to support social entrepreneurship with the Telecentre.org Foundation Academy.

Our Role as VACID Africa

VACID Africa is supporting the creation of sustainable ICT4D initiatives through the creation of community infesters and practices by integrating eCentres, Knowledge Centres, or whatever community knowledge initiatives, exist at the community level into telecentres. The model shown here provides the layered interaction model used by communities to tap into the investment resources provided by government and development partners. Since ICT is a knowledge paradigm that cannot extended like microfinance has been, a model of this nature that rides on VACID Africa’s resourcefulness in promoting knowledge to communities is what we now seek partners and communities that can embrace and run with. Any and all development initiatives are invited to learn and take this model for localization in their area of operation..

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