Mentorship program


The selected youth are mentored on the potential that exists in agricultural value chain engagement. Isolation of agricultural initiatives are highlighted in the engagement to create a positive disposition towards and entrepreneurship and agripreneurship.

The mentoring program  involves personal interaction with mentors in one-to one interactions, online discussions, video conferences, workshops, seminars, and training sessions that with a view to increasing their capacity that can unlock their potential in their areas of interest. VACID Africa partners with experts in different parts of the agricultural value chain to offer quality and comprehensive mentorship program to the youth. These also include: value chain experts, business development service providers, and financial institutions.

The intention of the mentorship program is to identify any gaps or potential for interaction in the agricultural value chain by identifying the viable entry points. Through the mentorship program and engagement of the youths, a hands-on experience is developed so that the theoretical knowledge which the youth have may be put into use.

The foregoing may entail visiting agricultural related enterprises for interactive sessions and further training through exposure. Entrepreneurship trainings is made to become part of the mentorship to enable the youth take agricultural value chain opportunities, and indeed productive agriculture, to be seen as a viable source of business engagement and a source of employment.

Value chain experts are nvited to provide the youth with valuable insights to opportunities. The training is formulated with a view to impart the youth with the necessary background knowledge particularly on how to integrate ICT skills to agricultural value chains.

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